Elevator Pitch Winner

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to start this blog to keep people updated with what ChronicallyBrave is doing when it's not putting new masks up.

To begin, I'll catch you up on some things I didn't announce. A while back after starting this business, I began working a student position in the Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy at Abilene Christian University. Eventually, my boss convinced me to participate in one of their competitions called the Springboard Elevator Pitch, where you give a two minute pitch on your business idea and can win money to go towards your venture.

After an hour of giving my pitch over and over again about how ChronicallyBrave got started and what we had been working on over the last few years, I ended up being the overall winner! That can't go without saying thank you to all of my customers who so graciously work with me and have built my company into what it is. The utmost gratitude to all of you.

Here is the article to read about the competition if you're interested!

Other than that, I have been showing up at local pop-up shops and beginning to work with hospital to integrate my masks into their programs.

Stay tuned to learn about the huge project I have going on right now and how I believe this could be pivotal for the business and the hopefully world!



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